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In today's industrial areas, CNC cutting welded structure has been widely used in various industries . Welding sheet metal cutting is finished processing the first step in the process is an important step to ensure the quality of welding . CNC cutting machine using advanced modern cutting technology , not only can guarantee the quality of welding products , CNC cutting machine to improve labor productivity , but also makes the manufacturing cost of their products dropped significantly, CNC cutting shortening the production cycle . With the widespread use of new products, new processes, new technologies. CNC flame cutting machine intelligent precision cutting cutting industry will become the trend of future development .
    Status cutting industry
      Our cutting industry, mainly consisting of the following categories manufacturer 1 ) gantry cutting machine ; 2 ) Trolley cutter and cut mouth ; 3 ) plasma cutting power and cutting nozzle ; 4 ) manual welding torch and welding nozzles and so on. Cutting industry after decades of development , and its products from a single hand torch to develop into a more complete categories of industries. CNC cutting machine products to meet the basic needs of the domestic market , and some products enter the international market . In recent years, the development of production technology gantry CNC cutting machine of particularly rapid .
      Modern profile cutting gantry CNC cutting machine is still mainly because only CNC flame cutting machines , CNC cutting this way , in order to effectively guarantee the cutting process is fully automated process .
      CNC cutting technology of CNC cutting machine relatively late , but its development is very fast. Before the 1980s, our country , mainly under the sheet material under manual or semi-automatic car -based materials . Into eight years , with the deepening of enterprise reform , it is recognized ; using advanced cutting technology, not only is the key to ensuring the quality of welding products , but also makes the plate efficiency greatly improved. In some sheet amount larger enterprises, due to increased utilization of the plate , shortened plasma cutting machine equipment payback period , and achieved good economic results. Therefore, the market demand for CNC cutting machines increased year by year . Thus promoting the rapid development of China's cutting industry.
    Future prospects for CNC cutting industry
      At present , the domestic production of all types of CNC cutting machine, can meet the needs of the domestic industry, and there are a number of products exported. Compared with the 1980s, the domestic large-scale precision CNC cutting machine, rely mainly on imported products. Since the 1990s, imports showed a declining trend . At present , China's imports of plasma cutting machine , mainly because some technologically advanced products. Such as large underwater plasma cutting machines , plasma cutting machines and laser cutting machines, imports accounted for only 10% of the total market of cutting machine.
      Throughout domestic CNC cutting machine manufacturers , technology faster than the overall strength of a certain overall tend healthy development. Especially in the domestic market demand also continued to rise, improve product quality, continuous improvement and development of new products , cutting industry development prospects are very good