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"The Japanese earthquake for the domestic machine tool industry as a whole has little effect , just listen to the Japanese company said Fanuc Beijing , functional accessories in some components plant in Fukushima range , affected to some extent ." Beijing First Machine Tool Plant Engineer Liu Yuling yesterday told reporters.
    A month ago, the general manager of Nanjing CNC machine鲁昌荣, said in March the company can rely on inventory to ensure the production , in April the Japanese side has made it clear that it can not supply .
    Although China 's machine tool industry has made great progress in recent years , but the core components of high-end CNC machine tools rely mostly imported from Japan .
    Controlled by foreign high- technology
    One of the famous manufacturers of CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Nanjing, known as the machine tool industry , " Eighteen " , but mainly relied on imports of high-end machine parts .
    Beijing First Machine Tool Plant same. Liu Yuling told the newspaper, the company imports high-end CNC systems , small machines imported from Japan every year Fanuc approximately 230 sets of large machines imported annually from 50 to 60 sets of Germany's Siemens .
    "At present , the domestic high-end CNC system and features mainly rely on imports ." China Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president Wang Liming told , the domestic high-end system of self-sufficiency rate of less than 5%, about 95% dependent on imports , including from Japan Up to imports, accounting for 1/ 3 , made of high-grade CNC system there are less than 20%.
    In the international market , in high-end CNC system is mainly dominated by the Japanese company Fanuc , Siemens of Germany , represented by a small number of companies , which accounted for about half of Fanuc . In the domestic market, the main scale production enterprises have more than 20 to NC Central , NC Guangzhou , Dalian Omori , Beijing KND , Nanjing Huaxing and other five companies represented.
    China -made machine is currently only 30% of NC rate , there is a big gap between 60% to 70 % of the level of developed countries , the stock of machine tool numerical control rate was only about 10%.
    "Behind the rapid growth of the industry as a whole , China's machine tool industry still hidden ." TX Investment analyst Zhang Lei believes that from the product structure, the machine tool industry growth driven mainly by ordinary low-end machine , the share of high profile machine declining proportion of heavy machine tool market slowing down , so the industry 's current development path is not healthy.
    From the industrial point of view , numerical control systems , features the "short board" even more prominent. High profile low level of profitability of CNC machine tools , CNC system is one of the main functional components dependent on imports in the market , the more high-end products by the more constrained in terms of delivery and services can not meet the requirements, a very prominent structural contradictions . Moreover, while in 2010 China's machine tool exports increased 36.49 percent , but the vast majority of export products for the general economical CNC machine tools and other low value-added products .
High-end parts made difficult
    Lack of high-end CNC systems and functional components , the biggest constraint the development of Chinese high-end CNC machine tools .
    "Twelve Five" period, one of the main objectives is to promote the machine tool industry industrialization process CNC systems and functional components . However , numerical control systems and features of industrialization in China is very big difficulty .
    "Domestic OEMs are now many , but the key feature is less potential weak manufacturing enterprises in the industry just pull a group of people , within three months from the OEMs can do , but even invest 2 billion , these people within three months also do not feature plant . " Liming said.
    An important question is, domestic Combination difficult, most universities and research institutions to study and ran the project funds , once the process is difficult to have a shortage of funds , lack of sustainability , while Japan and other foreign companies have obvious basic and ongoing research objectives and research with good all-round superiority of industrialization can be reflected.
    Wang Liming also said the prevalence of domestic machine tool industry is a consensus that the accessories are not producing enterprise and government attention, so investors get together the whole production .
    According to reports, the country currently has some investment in this area , but the effectiveness of R & D and the output is a long process , and the community has relatively little capital investment , coupled with lack of talent, technology , resulting in industrial scale and basic research are relatively weak in terms of development, basic research , equipment manufacturing , etc. there is a big gap with foreign countries.
    " Industrialization process requires a long-term process , not a quick profit machine tool industry , can not forget the basics and fundamentals ." Liu Yuling said.
    Like the lack of Beijing First Machine Tool Plant and balanced development of the whole industry , and now the short board is mainly in product development, marketing , product manufacturing . Liu Yuling believe that the company is still unreasonable personnel structure , the lack of senior technicians and talented sales personnel, employees gradually younger, but this is not necessarily an advantage in the machine tool industry, to reach 30 to 40 years age structure is rather reasonable.