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China 's many products have been in foreign anti-dumping investigations , the fastener industry has been such investigations , the anti-dumping what brings to the enterprise itself, what kind of impact it?
    Haiyan Nuclear Fasteners: European and American anti-dumping can only be the result of increased procurement costs
    Haiyan Fastener Co. nuclear Founded in 2009 , the predecessor of the Roman Haiyan Fastener Co., Ltd. . The company mainly produces all kinds of screws, gongs cap , all kinds of stamping parts and other products. Product meets the German standard , American standard , Australian standard, Japanese standard and other standards .
    Speaking of anti-dumping , Jiangde Song earnestness executive vice president , said the word " anti-dumping Europe can only be the result of increased procurement costs ." This is an undoubtedly played a finishing touch.
    He also introduced to : Sea salt has a "China Fastener City" reputation , known as " the rice industry ," said standard fastener products are basic components of industrial products to the fastener is famous for traditional industries sea salt, now has standard fasteners and related upstream and downstream enterprises more than 1500 , the production of nuts, bolts , screws and other standard fasteners 1.4 million species. Haiyan fastener business to attend several screws hold together the official trade show embodies the spirit of the city of fasteners .
    Jin billion industry : the EU's anti-dumping has little effect on the company
    Speaking of anti-dumping , Jin billion industry Mr. Wang Jun said the EU's anti-dumping little impact on the company, in addition to the EU market , Jin billion industry has opened up new markets. The company's main fastener products , he said high-speed rail fastener sales accounted for about 50% , about 10% of automotive fasteners , fastener general development plan of new wind power , aerospace and other high-end market , high-speed rail , automotive , high-end equipment and other high-end products in the future development of the company 's key areas .