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Development of gold industry is great. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luo Baihui said recently , through the more than 80,000 consumer and retail hardware market survey, demand for metal products by about 30 percent home improvements , 50% of the product depends on the Some hardware vendors domestic supply capacity . More families want to be able to see more hardware products are provided by retailers. But very unfortunately, our market research is still very limited. After such investigation, we found that the design of the kitchen , there will be an annual increase of 16 % of the market demand, but as a retailer , we must understand the market and customer needs , and then develop solutions based on their needs , in this sale process should pay attention to a few points.
    1, the individual needs
    Worldwide , the fashion industry, hardware industry is shifting from the traditional sense of the tool industry . The consumer is moving towards personalization , quality, reasonable prices and more choices. Follow the trend, to provide customers with innovative tools hardware retailers would like to have no choice but to meet their individual needs.
    2 , quality is the foundation
    At another level, hardware sales relationships is a very important factor three , and in this factor , the quality is the foundation of good relationships but also help to open sales channels , the quality is guaranteed long-term cooperation .
    3 , good promotional marketing
    There are excellent products on the basis of , to do publicity. Manufacturers should be good at selling themselves, promote themselves . Through publicity the company 's brand in the hardware industry , quality advantages , such as its own advantages financial advantage to show up , so as to enable more customers to understand our peers recognize us.
    Luo Hui said that with the quality of basic products , how marketing has become the key . Between different grades of products , to be good at the wrong marketing . Like horse racing , as in the marketing process, we use our second grade and first grade are compared to others , and then compare by our first-class products and his second grade , second grade , and his three other goods for comparison. Know how to market dislocation , and vigorously promote the product , enthusiasm to invest .
    4 , focusing on product structure adjustment
    To develop a high-tech , high value-added production and marketing of hardware products. Meanwhile, under the premise of efforts to absorb advanced technology and transformation , from all aspects of the start section through the implementation of cost reduction plans , energy transformation structure ways to minimize waste, improve the management level to reduce unit costs, increase hardware export competitiveness.
    5 , emphasis on the role of e-commerce products
    As we all know , through e-commerce business can not only save a significant reduction in manpower, resources, reduce transaction costs and inventory , the more the hardware products manufacturing enterprises to enter the international market to create a free and equal competition environment and a wider space for cooperation , to our Hardware companies provide new opportunities for development.
    6, the use of financial instruments to hedge foreign exchange risk
    Taken to improve the proportion of down payment in foreign trade contracts , to reduce the risk of exchange rate movements against foreign exchange losses , such as the signing of the contract down payment rate increased from the previous 5% -20 % to 30 % -40 % ; may also appreciate the limits stipulated in the contract , exceeds the limit value is adjusted accordingly to deal with export prices . In addition , experts recommend business loans can be switched ahead of the return of RMB loans , then replaced dollar loans ; using financial instruments to hedge foreign exchange risks, forward transactions , forward rate locked in advance ; commodity trading strive to use RMB settlement .