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In recent years , China's plastics machinery industry product range is the rapid development of the. Injection molding machine manufacturers which produce more, according to incomplete statistics have been over 60 . The finished product from the processing point of view, there are monochrome, color , and general and major manufacturer of precision plastic products, manufacturers of these products has its own series , each with its own characteristics.
In domestic product composition in the plastic machinery , injection molding machines accounted for the major share, followed by extrusion and blow molding machines . 2000 domestic production was 29,311 sets of injection molding machines , extruders to 7784 units, 1425 units of blow molding machines , injection molding machines and extruders number close to 4:1. Three categories of product output was 4.025 billion yuan , 2.533 billion yuan and 433 million yuan , accounting for 47.19% , respectively, industry output value , 29.70% and 5.19% , which indicates that the structure of the domestic plastic machinery products are more balanced and reasonable.
Products from the current export structure point of view , injection molding machines accounted for a major share , 60.4 % , 6.8% extruder , blow molding machines accounted for 11.7% , 21.1% other plastics machinery in recent years a large injection molding machines in the domestic market , large the rapid development of injection molding machines , plastic machinery industry currently available to provide the bulk of the domestic market in 25000KN less clamping force injection molding machine, four-cylinder direct injection machine locks .
Press plastic products production process , plastic machinery can be divided into four categories of plastic compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic processing machinery and plastic processing secondary auxiliary machinery or devices. Plastics compounding machines for mixing with various forms of plastic manufacturing , including kneading machine, refining presses ( open mill and mixer ) , pelletizer, screening machines , crushers and grinding machines. Also known as a plastic molding machinery plastic processing machinery for molding plastic semi-finished products or articles , including pressure presses , injection molding machines, extruders , blow molding machines, rolling machines, rotational molding machine, foam machine.