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Dongguan button manufacturing process
Unsaturated resin + hardener | + accelerator + paste and mix well - " bar processing workshop - " billets --- "option blanks workshop - " sheet metal workshop deduction system processing workshop - "slab Special buckle workshop - " polishing workshop finished workshop
A, bar production process:
B, sheet metal production process:
C, the role of election blanks and standards :
The nonconforming exclude a process before the next
 ① slab thickness according to the company 's requirements for the species : ± 0.2mm rod is genuine , authentic plate is ± 0.1mm ( qualified ) than compared to waste.
② color, pattern changed appearance , the species does not meet the requirements for the waste.
③ models do bad, bad side , pumping heart , bubble are waste.
D, production workshop deduction system requirements and standards
① consistent with the shape of the sample , including the size of the fine side buckle side , such as the curvature of the back surface .
② inspection standards , the following phenomena are waste :
a, needle : needle broken, cracked , eyelet button is not a central location, four-hole location is not square, eyelets and buckles surface is not perpendicular to the little holes or breakage did not play through the needle , the former big small , dark eyes buckle , hit the edge of the hole fried, non-porous and so on.
b, buckle side : the side of thick , while thin ; overall thickness of the right buttons , and side edges while thick and thin.
c, compared with the overall thickness of the sample buckles , buttons when Dongguan overall thickening or thinning and machinery turning four consecutive thick thin grain buttons .
E, finished product acceptance criteria
(a) the finished product standards
1 , color, pattern , sample or model of the product with the same requirements .
2 , pinhole upright, symmetrical , pitch and pinhole size standard.
3 , luminosity meet the requirements.
4 , the back surface of the car- bombing , car break , while the phenomenon of uneven thickness .
 5 , according to style, color , pattern , model classification packaging.