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Production and design of hardware buttons
With the development of the times, from the material to the shape of the hardware buttons and the production processes are more colorful , beautiful, data show :
Hardware buttons Qing Dynasty clothes , mostly small round brass buckle, big like hazelnut , like small beans , folk and more with plain , smooth surface that is no pattern , the court or the aristocracy is more or copper buckle with large pieces gilt buckle, gold buckle , silver buckle. The buttons are often engraved or Loudiao variety of ornamentation, such as disk dragon , flying phoenix and general patterns. Nailing buttons are not the same , there is a single row, double or triple rows of New York . Hardware button factory in Dongguan
Qianlong , the production process has become increasingly sophisticated hardware buttons , clothing with buttons also increasingly pay attention to the production of various kinds of materials should the city have metal buttons , bizarre, odd bucket wins fight , everything. For example, gold-plated buckle , silver buckle , screw buckle, bluing buckle , material buckle and so on. In addition there are precious jade bergamot buckle, gold pearl clasp, three inlaid jade buckle , embedded agate and coral buckle clasp, beeswax deduction, deduction, and so even amber diamond buttons. Button ornamentation are rich and varied, such as broken branches of flowers , animals, Gods Jubilee , even Zodiac , etc. , we can say nothing is there , varied.
Why do men button on the right , ladies left ?
Because modern Western dress costumes are based . Westerners generally dressed in a shirt and suit, metal buttons on the right side consistent with human buttoning posture habits.
In several years ago, in the West, ladies generally do not own buckle buttons , snap buttons maid generally worn by a lady to wait , in order to allow easy button buttons when the maid , so the ladies and men's clothing buttons are reversed.